Spa Date Sign

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Try making a spa in your own home. It’s simple, frugal and meaningful, while also staying out of the crowded restaurants. Download this sign for that added touch. Releasing stress will help you and your loved one emotionally bond on a whole new level. Try it out!



Simply print and cut. If you want the heart dangles like I did, use the bottom section of the paper, that they came out of, as a template. I cut the bottom section off from the sign (approximately 5/8″ from the text box). Then I cut 3 or so hearts out at a time, turned the sign and heart paper over to the back and then taped some thread/string to the hearts. This kept the same artistic spacing I had sketched out. Once the spacing was correct then I taped it to the sign. It was really hard to keep the spacing correct with two separate pieces of paper, so I didn’t bother with attaching to the sign until the hearts were all on the thread.

Give your artsy hand a try!

    I agree to not share this file with anyone. If I want to share I will link to the post on SomethinOuttaNothin containing the file.