Did you really feed your family on $75 a month? What did your meals look like?

Yes we really did. The reason I talk about that time is because those experiences taught me how important creativity is along with a spirit of adventure. While it did take a lot of work and I did a lot of home made to make it work there is really no way we could replicate the process again. Much of it was due to our Lord in heaven blessing us through friends giving or store sales timed just right. I’ve posted our story in my ‘Living on $13,000 or Less‘ series, which will go into thorough detail of what specifics we did to make it work.


What kind of camera are you using for your posts?

From the beginning of this blog to current day I’ve used my phone. I got really frustrated that my flip phone would constantly drop calls so we called the cell phone company up and started the process of dropping their services. They barely kept us by offering me a new smart phone (for free) that would work better at keeping my calls because it could use our wifi.

While I wouldn’t say the phone is the best, the camera on it is better than our point and shoot and slips into my pocket so well-allowing me to capture sweet moments with my children. While I would love a DSLR my Android works just fine for my current purposes.


Can I pin content from your site?

I am more than happy to let you pin images from my site with the caveat that the pinned image links to the post that correlates with that image and your captions be a description of the post and not stealing content (i.e.copying in the whole recipe onto the pin).


I won a giveaway but there was a problem with delivery, can I get a replacement?

I create some giveaways as well as facilitate giveaways from outside sources, which I clearly mark at the bottom of the post.  When a giveaway is directly from SomethinOuttaNothin.com I will do my best to insure the prize will go to the correct destination in good condition. However as my projects are –one of a kind- handmade pieces they’re not fully replaceable and I may send a different item-if any- at my own discretion to replace any lost or broken items upon delivery.

When a giveaway is from an outside source I don’t actually give anything away or mail any of the prizes (the company who sponsors the giveaway is responsible for that). Therefore SomethinOuttaNothin can’t be held liable for any prize that isn’t received since I’m not directly involved with the prize’s shipment or delivery. Any issues involving the shipment, delivery, receipt, (or quantity, quality, etc.) of a prize must be taken up with the company who sponsored the giveaway directly.


I’d like to submit a post to your blog, is there a place I can do that?

Yes! You can submit a pitch through my contact page, under the ‘become a correspondent’ topic. Please keep in mind that at this time I am only accepting original posts.  I’d love to review it and see what amazing things you have in mind!


Where did my comment go, is it deleted?

Comments are manually approved, so they may not be visible right away. When I do moderate the comments on this blog it is for the sole purpose of keeping it a spam free encouraging space. If I consider a comment rude, harsh, overly critical, contain strong potential to incite heated debate, or left as a thinly veiled advertizement, it will be a likely contender for the delete button.

Stress heavily depresses the creative juices and goodness knows there’s stress enough in this world without my adding to it. So for my part I choose to keep a more peaceful environment on this blog. I hope you can understand and respect that desire.


I love some of your blog posts, can I copy them and share them on my blog?

All content, including but not limited to: original photos, artwork, patterns and text (including recipes!) on SomethinOuttaNothin.com are copyrighted. Do not copy and paste full posts without express written permission from me. Duplicating any of my text (even if it’s credited to Somethin Outta Nothin) actually hurts both parties’ Google Rankings as it is indexed as repeat content. Please write a short summary/paraphrase with a link to copy on my site as opposed to cutting & pasting it, which is strictly prohibited. Thanks for your interest!