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Hay! That’s Fun!

Well I’ve had to take a break from the ‘Living on $13,000 or Less’ series for a bit. My struggles with editing have resurfaced and since those posts are so technical I’m holding off on therm for a little while. Add to that my memory card decided to become unreadable, causing me to lose all […]

My $1 Fruit Bowl

I’m so excited about this frugal find…and I didn’t even find it! I’ve been looking for a fruit bowl for several months now, not only is it a great decor item in the kitchen but it would encourage better eating habits (or at least that’s the hope).

Marshmallow Mayhem

  Want a game that engages kids of all ages, creates memories (not to mention giggles), cleans your house, gets the energy out of the kiddos, and costs only a few bucks? It just so happens that I grew up playing just such a game. My dad invented what we call, Marshmallow Mayhem. I loved […]