A bit of background

Rocky is first and foremost a child of God, who strongly believes that thriving is a condition we create for ourselves. In a former life she earned degrees in musical theory as well as clothing and textiles. After graduation she vaulted into her new life as a mother of two children, wherein she is learning to revel in all things home.  Rocky still loves to learn new skills and intends to keep on learning, growing and transforming herself on this journey.

Rocky grew up in an incredibly creative environment which has helped throughout her life.  The most dramatic aid from this creative streak came during the hubster’s successful venture through grad school.  The first year was difficult as neither Rocky or the Hubster enjoyed employment, but through a lot of hard work, couponing, grit, creativity, and the grace of God they were able to live on less than $13,000 that year.  Somethin Outta Nothin is Rocky’s way of giving back to the internet cosmos that helped her family so much during that time.  We hope that here you will find inspiration and better ways to do things in your everyday life.


My Favorite things

Rocky especially loves: eating chocolate; most shades of green; designing clothing, patterns, and costumes; listening to musical theater; honing artistic skill, being with family; snuggling up with a good book; the smell of rain, and being around good food and good friends.


Giving the butterfly flight

This is a fabulous crew behind the scenes!  I have a wonderful partner, the hubster, doing the tech support for this site.  There’s no way I could run this site without such a wonderful help meet.  Two wonderful kiddos help stimulate my brain and keep me on my toes.  And a fabulous independent designer, Jeremy English.  He’s easy to work with and was meticulous in getting our design the way we wanted.  So if you like the design of this site feel free to head over to his blog where you can see little snippets of his past work and contact him if you like what you see.


A huge thank you

For everyone that has supported me through this adventure of learning frugality which blossomed into my desire to help others as well.  Especially to my father in heaven who has always been there clothing me like unto the lilies of the field; my husband for  the verbal, financial, and of course technical support to get this site off the ground; my children for all the joy and inspiration they instill; my extended family for all the cheer leading; and you, my readers, for without you there would be no reason to write at all!