Visitors Welcome

This last week we had quite the surprise. Wednesday I received a call from the Hubster letting me know he’d received his parents flight info for Friday and Saturday (they ended up flying in separately I think because of work). After my first bout of astonishment I looked at the calendar, and yep, sure enough Labor Day weekend was just a few short days away. Where does the time go!? Anyone else forget what day of the week it is let alone the date?

So after wallowing in my own ‘what a terrible daughter-in-law’ talk I gave myself, I decided to look on the bright side of things. This way I didn’t plan waaay too much and try to stuff our short visit full of ‘fun’. Also I didn’t have a daily disappointed Sunny because Grandma and Boppa weren’t coming that day (I wouldn’t know where she gets her anticipation from 😉 ). So in actuality my forgetting was a good thing…right?

Well Grandma came in late Friday night, so we picked her up mid-morning Saturday. We got to enjoy some sweet moments of Sunny’s and Curly’s excitement over Grandma being here. Then Sunny insisted on Grandma putting her down for a nap. This resulted in a fun story time and a new tradition of singing at bed time (although we now only do it at night time, not for nap). Sunny wanted grandma to put her to bed the rest of the visit. 🙂

Boppa arrived a little later and we got to have a good chat where we found out Grandma’s sister and brother-in-law (the Hubster’s aunt and uncle) were also in town for the holiday. So after the kids woke up we scurried around and got Curly’s baby food dinner packed and all of us dressed and ready in close to record time.  We enjoyed the company and got to show off our lil’ man to more family. That always makes a good day better. 🙂

Sunny’s cheesing it up with her outfit for church. She’s loved this dress from day one. My mom did a great job making it, Sunny can’t get enough of it if you couldn’t tell from her smile. 🙂

The next day we enjoyed church in the morning and then went our separate ways for naptime. When we reconvened for dinner it was a yummy dinner of lemon chicken on top of salad. Mmmm. Then we went on our traditional walk around the neighborhood, stopping at a playground. So we of course had to take pictures! 🙂 Unfortunately I forgot to take some of the grandkids with the grandparents. 🙁 I feel so dumb about it, I guess that’s how we learn.

Here’s some of my favorites of the playground 🙂

Curly loves it when Sunny pushes him.

On Labor Day we only had the morning before the grandparents had to catch their flight home. So we girls (ok Curly too) spent it doing a fashion shoot of Sunny in her new clothes from grandma, while the boys (insert Tim Allen’s Home Improvement grunt here) went to get supplies for a home improvement project of their own. After the photo shoot we hit the playground again and had a marvelous time.

So we may not have hit up a museum, zoo, or aquarium (like I probably would have planned), but I think the low key visit with time to talk and enjoy tender moments of our children bonding with grandparents was a far better one than I could have planned. Sunny still asks quite often if Grandma is going to come today. I guess she doesn’t mind surprise visits either. 😉
Have you had any surprises lately?