Sometimes it can be hard to quickly grasp what a blog is all about so I’ve put together this page to help you get started.


How Somethin Outta Nothin can help you.

My goal is to help you cultivate an attitude of positivity and proactivity while facing life’s challenges; either by fostering creativity, posting frugal recipes, sharing practical advice, highlighting inspirational thoughts, or teaching time tested principles. The hope is to ultimately transform limitations into opportunities.


What you’ll find on Somethin Outta Nothin.com

I intend [almost] everything I write to be valuable for years to come. So I organized this blog with the purpose of making relevant posts as easy as possible to find. I cover 3 main areas: creative ideas, inspiration, and practical how to. These 3 areas breakdown further into my 9 category tabs found up top in the header.


Creative idea categories:

Friday Fun-Even if you’re living on a strict budget you still have to have fun! Otherwise I bet you’d break down and buy something you know you shouldn’t just because you can’t take the strain! So this is where I post ideas-typically free- of how to have fun as a family, as a couple or hangingĀ  out with friends.

Warrior Weekend-is where you will find posts showing of craft projects I’ve finished. There will be plenty of pictures and ideas. If you’re looking for step by step instructions you’ll need to head over to Tuesday Tutorials.

Inspirational categories:

Wednesday Words-I will try to do a weekly post here, where I’ll find an inspiring quote and add my own thoughts to it. In hopes to help you feel better and more accomplished in your work of the home.

Thursday Thrive-One of the best ways to thrive through difficult times is to choose to be grateful for what you already have. So Thursday’s I encourage you to think of one thing your grateful for in your life. Once you get started you’ll be surprised how very blessed you are. I’m always amazed at all the little wonders I find in my life.

Life Lessons-are thoughts I have as life unfolds that I think can benefit my readers. There’s no rhyme or reason to them, but I hope they encourage you to get up and happen to life. There’s so much around us to be a part of we just need to take those first few steps to reach out.

Practical how to categories:

Monday Menu-Finding frugal recipes was crucial to our making it through grad school without government assistance. So when I perfect a good recipe I’ll post it to the Monday Menu category. Two of my favorite are Chicken Cilantro and Mexican Crockpot Chili, not only do they taste good but they are also kind to your bank account.

Tueday Tutorial-This is where I’ll teach basic crafting techniques, give step by step instructions for my crafts, or give more thorough instruction on how we live frugally. In doing so I’ll try to give as many pictures and specific step by step instructions as I can.

Frugal Finds-Most of my thrifty living tips are focused on consistently living frugally through creative means, but once in a while I find incredible deals that I want to share. Especially if it’s a deal on craft materials I will post it under this section.

Tips and Tricks-I used to TA in a food prep course at University and I was amazed at all the little things you can learn to save yourself time and work, like how to cook bacon or cutting your green onion differently. So I try to keep a separate section on just that so as to help find these time savers more quickly.


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