Pico de gaillo or salsa

Sometimes you just need home made salsa. Pico de gaillo | Somethin Outta Nothin

While in scrimp mode I never buy anything ‘extra’.  For us that means no cream cheese, no sour cream, basically no condiments including salsa-which caused the hubster much despair.  His favorite snack is chips and salsa. So when I learned my sister had an awesome pico de gaillo recipe up her sleeve I was excited.

Pico de gaillo is basically a non-bell pepper salsa, and since I suffer from bell pepper avoidance…let’s just say I was jumping for joy. Knowing how to make pico de gaillo allows me the freedom and flexibility to make fabulous Mexican dishes (read meatless) when we don’t have the salsa on hand, as well as treating my husband to his long lost indulgence once in a while.

I stole this (with permission of course) from my multi-talented sister, Eowyn.  When she isn’t researching cancer for her masters degree, she’s creating awesome recipes like this one.

Sometimes you just need home made salsa. Pico de gaillo | Somethin Outta Nothin

So we start off with the base of roma tomatoes as they tend to have the most meat in them, but 2-3 beef steak would also do nicely.  I like to dice these pretty fine about 1/4 inch cubes, and I discard all the gooey seed stuff (Eowyn hates me doing that, it’s mean to her lovely tomatoes). To each their own, it just feels fresher and crisper to me without.

I spoon in 2 tsp minced garlic (from my prepped jar in the fridge). Then I slice the green onions over the bowl using kitchen scissors (Eowyn taught me this, such a time saver!), I will continue cutting into the white part switching to a cutting board and knife when it gets too tough.

*If you leave enough white above the roots you can save these rootlets in a glass of water on a sunny window sill. Keep the water fresh and in a few days you’ll see more green onions growing!  Now you’ll have free ones to use in future instances!

I then mince the cilantro, using the kitchen scissors as well as its so much easier to use on these leafy greens.  I’ll cut as finely as I can and then pile it up on the cutting board and cut into the pile from all sorts of different angles to get it more mincish.

Once done with all that mincing, its time to add in the taco seasoning.  Mmmmm I just love cumin and onion, such a magical blend! Lime is the last flavor to tie this all together, although admittedly I will usually use lemon as its what I have on hand.  I try to add as little as possible just for sogginess sake.

Sometimes you just need home made salsa. Pico de gaillo | Somethin Outta Nothin

Once I have it all mixed I’ll taste test (yes this is a mandatory step!) sometimes I find it needs a little extra taco seasoning/kick.  But do try to keep yourself to tasting (and not inhaling half the bowl), lets just say we don’t make fresh often enough around here.  🙂

If I want to be really picky, I’ll pour it into a separate bowl lined with paper towels, doing so will help keep a fresh texture longer as it draws out extra tomato/lime juices. If you’re going to mix it in a meatless dish, like the one I’m posting next Monday, then don’t even bother.  I promise no one will notice one iota!

Now sit down and eat (share if you must), or cover and chill.  Use within a day for best texture when eating it fresh.

Sometimes you just need home made salsa. Pico de gaillo | Somethin Outta Nothin


Pico de Gaillo

4-6 roma tomatoes, chopped

2 garlic cloves, minced (or 2 tsp minced garlic)

3-4 green onions, sliced

1 T fresh cilantro, minced

1 T taco seasoning

1/2 t (or less) lime juice (I use lemon a lot of the time).


What’s your favorite snack?