Spa Date at Home–A Simple, Frugal and Meaningful Valentine’s

Need an inexpensive last minute valentine's date? Try making a spa in your own home. It's simple while also staying out of the crowded restaurants. Releasing stress will help you and your loved one emotionally bond on a whole new level. Try it out!I have to admit that Valentine’s day isn’t a big deal at our house. It felt weird to me that there was a day where all the girls expected their boyfriends to buy them stuff. It just felt so fake, a feeling I never wanted to allow in my relationships. Turns out the hubster felt the same, he wouldn’t even let me call him my boyfriend at first because he didn’t like what that meant in High School.

Direct quote: ‘They acted like they were married!

So the hubster and I normally don’t  buy any cards, flowers, or chocolates. Instead we plan simple at home dates-and we love it.

Being at home away from the crowd, also allows us to leave that Junior High feeling behind, and be more genuine. One of our favorite Valentines (more…)

I believe

The benefits of inviting Santa to your Christmas celebration, for those who question if Santa should be around any more.

Today my heart is very full. It may be a new year but, I want to share some of our Christmas joy because we’re still feeling residual effects from our Christmas break. I’m feeling very blessed, to a depth I’ve not felt in a long, long, time. (more…)

Mad Hatter Tea Party

Mad Hatter Tea Party, fun ideas for both girls and boys! With free downloads for decor and invites! Great for a special party or to jazz up some one on one time with a precious child. Who doesn’t love a good cuppa with a twist of Tim Burton?

A very merry unbirthday, to you.

Yes you.

Let’s all congratulate us, with another cup of tea.

A very merry unbirthday, tah-oooo you!


Consider this your invitation to throw your own Mad Hatter Tea Party. We threw one this last Saturday, and it was a blast. So fun in fact, that we’re looking at doing it again in the near future. I even had the presence of mind to create all of our supplies in a downloadable format! Yay! The next one will be a snap!

About a month ago Sunny asked if we could do a tea party with some of her friends. She must have caught me in a good mood or something, because not only was I crazy enough to say yes, but I suggested we make it a Halloween one as well. I’m so glad I did, because it inspired me to put a Tim Burton twist on the whole thing. (more…)

Pumpkin Fun

Free download of a jack o lantern design/coloring sheet -it works both ways. Plus a look at a free Halloween activity in Utah Valley.
Hey looking for something fun to do this weekend? Go to a pumpkin patch, even if you’ve already bought a pumpkin it’s a lot of fun to check out the activities. Sometimes it’s free! We found that to be the case last year when we tried out Jaker’s(more…)