Bakin’ The Bacon!

Any one make a special breakfast for the man in their life this last Father’s day? The hubster never lets me cook him breakfast (he prefers protein shakes with his work out), so I jump at the chance on Father’s day. This year I had to shoo him back to bed

Let’s box it

So today our Friday fun event isn’t so frugal.  I’m surprising the Hubster and taking him to see The Avengers.  I know, I know, we’re way behind the times on this one, but with the recent move we didn’t have the capacity (or any local babysitters) to do it. In all honesty we still wouldn’t […]

Marshmallow Mayhem

  Want a game that engages kids of all ages, creates memories (not to mention giggles), cleans your house, gets the energy out of the kiddos, and costs only a few bucks? It just so happens that I grew up playing just such a game. My dad invented what we call, Marshmallow Mayhem. I loved […]