From One Geek to Another: Tardis Giveaway

Tardis giveaway, where the tardis is actually bigger on the inside! Plus a chance to support fandoms. Giveaway ends April 28, 2014 at midnight.
Just between you and me, Geeks rock! Once we’re (yes we, with that post title I’m assuming you’re a geek too) passionate about something we unashamedly let the world know.  We are true to ourselves, courageously standing out and inspiring others to do so as well. In many ways being Geeky is the root for my creativity. When you boil it down, that’s what nerds are—creators. It takes passion to make something new, to put some skin in the game and fuel your life with passion.

I’m incredibly passionate about creativity and being a creator. That’s how our family made it through grad school, so I’m turning around to help others use the creative process in our lives. The ability to recognize our limitations as our greatest strengths, in need of development, is an amazing ability. One that has transformed my life.

My creative journey started in my families own small fandom-mostly book based. So I’m also passionate about the importance of geeks and nerds.Quoting movie, TV, and book lines to each other is still a favorite form of communication amongst my sisters. I remember my father knocking on the bathroom door and being told, ‘The position is filled’ (Mary Poppins).

Recently I had a tough day where the kids were just too much. If I wasn’t fishing Sir Bounce-a-lot out of the sink, he was using the desk and computer as a jungle gym, or Sunny was grabbing toys away, or Sir was snitching dinner as I was making it. My 20 minute dinner prep literally took 1 hour, because of all the interruptions, I had had it! Instead of yelling I texted the hubster, ‘My family is your family, please take them away!’ (Ever After).

It’s those types of things that have many people thinking fandoms created by geeks or nerds are just for fun. While it is fun, fandoms are so much more.

It’s all about empowering stories. That’s what attracts fandoms, not just a good storyline, but stories that inspire. They inspire us to be more, strive more, and realize our lives at a deeper level. In many ways they can be our lifeline in the dark times. That’s why I love this quote:

Tardis giveaway, where the tardis is actually bigger on the inside! Plus a chance to support fandoms. Giveaway ends April 28, 2014 at midnight.

*I couldn’t find a direct source for this quote, but found this story from his blog that supports it.


We may not be in a concentration camp, but we all go through hard times. For this reason empowering stories are vital to life. It’s natural to hang onto those feelings and add to the magic. We’ll dress up, create games, connect with other fans and try to meet the creators. Zachary Levi understands this so he’s created an event, Nerd HQ, specifically to connect us, the fans, with the writers and actors behind the magic.

The best part is, it’s free to get in! They record all the actor panels and put them on the internet for everyone to enjoy as well. Videos we enjoy sharing with each other. Up until this year Zachary Levi has covered the cost of Nerd HQ himself. This year they’ve had to change their funding structure and they’re asking for our support, if not monetarily than to spread the word.

Zachary Levi is just asking for a $5 from fellow nerds to help fund through this page. If you can’t afford that (let me commiserate, it is tax month after all), then know that sharing on your social account is also a huge help. Many hands make light work. This is the last week of the fund raising campaign, so it’s time to step up the momentum.

As a thank you and to support Nerd HQ I’m giving away 5 pop up TARDIS cards, they’re bigger on the inside! What a better way to celebrate our nerdy side, right? These babies are roughly 4″ by 8″ when the front doors are closed and worth $15 each. I digitally painted this for the hubster last year and it’s one of his favorite gifts. Believe me as it took me 60+ hours to do this (I was learning how to use several different programs) it is an absolute work of love.

Inside is depicted the 12th doctor’s first tardis, the one he first met Amy with, because that’s where we were in the series early last year. 🙂 All the art is my own and I hand craft the whole thing. I’m just lucky that its duplicate able so I can share it with you guys!

The nitty and the gritty

Who can enter?
This giveaway is for anyone 18 and older living in the continental U.S.

How to enter
If you want a chance at one simply write ‘easy option’ in the comments below (you don’t need a Disqus account, just click the post as guest box).

Since I’m trying to raise awareness of this event I’m adding additional entries via Pinterest, twitter, FB, & g+. On the same comment as your ‘easy option’ also specify the other ways you’ve shared this post along with the URL’s.  Each additional entry will put your name in 3 more times per social platform used (not per pin or tweet). If you do all the available entry’s your name will be in 13 times-yes one per doctor.  I will contact the winners with the email used to comment so make sure it’s one you will read in the next week.

Run time
The giveaway will run from 12 am EDT April 23, 2014 through 12 am EDT Tuesday, April 29.

Techy stuff
Duplicate entries will be deleted. The giveaway will be based off of entry’s received by the specified close date, technological problems will not change this. or its owner will not be responsible for any lost entries due to technological problems.

The winners will be chosen at random in a glorious reaping held by Effie Trinket (or my sporting little sis-depending on how you want to look at it). 🙂 We will announce the winners, hopefully by epic video, May 1, 2014.

Good luck!


Which doctor would you like to journey through space and time with?