Nerd Alert!

Zachary Levi is rock awesome! Here's how he's connecting fans to the talent behind our favorite shows and movies-like Dr. Who!Geek, nerd, over the top costume wearing fanatic-yup that’s totally us over here. The very first chapter book my dad read out loud to my sisters and I was The Hobbit. I remember sobbing uncontrollably *spoiler alert* when Thorin died. I was almost inconsolable in my little first grade mind. How could anyone write such an atrocity!? But that didn’t stop me from reading the entire Lord of The Rings trilogy in 6th grade, several years before anyone knew about the movies.

When Harry Potter came out, once again we 6 girls plunged into this new realm of magic. Designing costumes and wands, fighting over who got to read the new book next. Saving up so we wouldn’t have to share when the next one came out.

Growing up and starting family’s we still like to dive into the details of fandoms. I made the hubster a tardis for father’s day, many times our pillow talk is random thoughts about the clairvoyant in agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. or my sharing how awesome hunger games is again and why I connect with Katniss so much. We’ll share videos to support our geekiness and feel so awesome doing it. Heck! This last Halloween I made the hubster a Goku costume-boots and all.  And yes it was my idea.

I’m not afraid to stand up and call myself nerd. I don’t wear glasses, talk with a lisp, or wear high water pants. I most definitely do shower and take care of myself. I like to dress up, which is part of the reason I studied costume design in college. Being part of a fandom is awesome! To let go of real life issues, and lose ourselves into these fictional realms only to resurface learning life lessons we’d never have come up with on our own.

Why am I telling you this?

Because one of the most awesome sources for fandoms has made a call out to fans. Nerd HQ is a fantastic source to connect us with the actors and authors we love so much. They facilitate interviews where we can ask whatever we want face to face or watch others doing so via recorded videos. It’s a lot of fun with behind the scenes material, creating a fun and free atmosphere all while finding a way to donate all proceeds to the charity ‘project smile’ (getting in the door  is free-all profits from food, drinks and photo signings go to the charity).

What are they asking us to do? To make the next Nerd HQ possible. Up to this point Zachary Levi-anyone else totally in love with him?-has been paying the full cost of the convention himself. He gets it back from sponsors only to put it in for the next years. That’s no longer possible. So he’s putting it back to us, the fans, to become a grassroots movement and help make future Nerd HQ conventions possible.

They’re trying to raise $1 Million in the next month.

To be honest I’m surprised that’s all it costs. Both the hubster and I understand the theater realm, to get venues, all the equipment, lighting and man power –some of it very specialized for the equipment $1 million is a conservative budget. Not to mention all the food, drinks, and other goodies on site.

So I’m sure they aren’t trying to make any money off of this. In fact they promise to return your money back if they don’t raise enough.  And all they are asking from us is $5 each. Even if we don’t go in person it’s totally worth it since we like to share the videos they make available afterwards.

Take it from Zachary Levi himself.

I’m totally excited to be a part of this movement and hope you’ll join me in spreading the word. Even if you can’t afford $5 at the moment we can all pin, share, or tweet. If you can afford giving monetarily may I suggest we start our own movement. $20 as a vote to get Zachary Levi to sing at the convention. 🙂 I mean we lived through Jeffster while Chuck could sing their socks off any day…why not ask for it?

So who’s with me? Let’s get Zach up there and singing! Head on over to their site and pledge your $5-or $20. 🙂


What’s your secret (or not so secret) fandom? Do you ever dress up for it?