My $1 Fruit Bowl


I’m so excited about this frugal find…and I didn’t even find it! I’ve been looking for a fruit bowl for several months now, not only is it a great decor item in the kitchen but it would encourage better eating habits (or at least that’s the hope).

I mean if I crave chocolate as soon as I see the chocolate chips in the pantry, or feel the urge to snitch ice cream whenever I open the freezer, seeing fruit around could only help right? So I’ve been looking around at the usual places: Ikea, bed bath and beyond and the like; but I just wasn’t finding anything I really cared for-let alone a price I liked.

Price has become much more crucial around here since we’ve added several hefty monthly expenses to our budget, that and our car dying. Consequently I had given up the thought of buying any non-essential items until New Years.

Then this week my sister Laur called from Target. While going through the dollar section she’d found some fun items for Sunny’s play kitchen she was offering to pick up for me-I could pay her back next week after we get paid. It sounded fun and only a buck so I gave the green light.


When she dropped them off I was thrilled. Laur might have thought she was dropping off a toy colander, while I on the other hand immediately saw my fruit bowl. I literally skipped to the kitchen and started snatching apples from the fridge to display on our counter, just to make sure it would work. 😉

Its the perfect size to hold a week’s worth of fruit (can we say goodbye to that dopey half empty bowl look!?), it has air circulation and is a fun shape! I love the bright pop of color it adds, it’s dishwasher safe, and despite being considered a seasonal item it works all year long!

Woot! I don’t have to wait until New Year’s after all!

So yes, I stole my daughter’s toy before she knew about it and have no guilt whatsoever…ok maybe a little, I do intend to replace it next week. So while I’m telling you about this awesome find just do me a favor and leave one apple colander okay? That way I can pick one up for Sunny-she is sharing hers with me so nicely after all. 🙂


If apple isn’t your thing you might like to know our Target had three shapes, an apple, an acorn (pictured above), and a pumpkin. If any of those sound good keep an eye out next time you’re at Target, you might end up skipping in your kitchen too!


Have you ever found needed items in an unexpected section of the store?