Little Wonders

One of the best ways to live a full life is to be thankful for what you have.  So Thursdays are my ‘Thrive days’. Partially because I want to help others feel better, but mostly because I need to have a scheduled time for me to slow down and reflect. I tend to get caught up in perfectionism and start to criticize (not just myself) which brings me down. This is my way to curtail it. 🙂

I’ve been dwelling all morning on what I want to write. With this being my first ‘Thrive post’ it was difficult to widdle my list of blessings down to a manageable size.  I found myself humming little wonders, which then of course got stuck in my head (not a bad thing). Could this be due to yesterday’s post about ‘Meet the Robinsons’?  Seems suspect to me! This song at the end has always touched and moved me made me cry, the message is so clear: having a loving family is vital.

So the little wonders I’m blessed with today are: a happy husband who supports me, our little man eating 3 whole pancakes today (woot!), and a daughter who says thank you for a whole slew of things.

To illustrate how awesome this is I’ll let you know it wasn’t long ago that this momma was a real grouch to be around. I don’t handle stress very well, so to have the hubster go back to school without a job and then add pregnancy to that, it’s a disastrous formula. I don’t handle pregnancy well either…ok I don’t handle it at all. I’d rather go through childbirth a couple more times before I’d choose to willingly go through pregnancy and recovery! Looking back its quite obvious that my emotional instability of the situation affected my daughter, as she was throwing a lot more tantrums.

So to now live in a house that fits our needs and watch my children blossom is incredible. Life is more stable for us as the hubster is starting his career and I’ve finally started to come out of the pregnancy/postpartum fog. Our children’s emotional needs are being met and it’s showing. I’ve started to see more dancing and singing out of Sunny, she’s become a little mother to Sir Bounce-a-lot and comforts him when he starts to cry.

The Sir now shines with his joy and looks for little moments to share that joy with others. My favorite is to watch his little bum bouncing dance and wiggle his head back and forth. Man does he like music! To have little moments with each child and hear their giggles and feel their snuggles just tugs at my heart. You just know life is better when even your children are starting to appreciate the job you’re doing! Life is just good and I’m thankful for the wonderful patient family I have.


What do you love most about your family?