Let’s box it


So today our Friday fun event isn’t so frugal.  I’m surprising the Hubster and taking him to see The Avengers.  I know, I know, we’re way behind the times on this one, but with the recent move we didn’t have the capacity (or any local babysitters) to do it.

In all honesty we still wouldn’t be seeing it yet, but I’m treating us after such a hectic week.   Between sickness early in the week and then the hubster’s team deciding to work as hard and long as it took to get a project done, we’ve been beat. 1 am has been the normal bed time yikes! So I decided a real out of the house date was mandatory.

If you’re like us having a movie night on the town, be sure to look for any deals.  My sister in Seattle will buy movie tickets through Costco or Sam’s Club and save herself $8.00 or so. I haven’t seen those in my area, but then again I haven’t really looked since we go so rarely.

If you’re a student I found a Carmike theater that deducts more than $2.00 off the normal price. Like to buy concessions? Cinemark has a weekly concessions coupon on their facebook page. If you don’t have a particular movie in mind I’d suggest seeing if you have any dollar theater’s in your area. Being flexible is definitely a boon to living a simple life style.

Our usual habit is to redbox our movies. When we’re really frugal we limit ourselves to 2 redbox movies a month, gotta have some leeway somewhere! For less than a buck and a half you get to see something new in the comfort of your own home.  No need to text the babysitter mid-movie to see how things are and no one to shh you either! Yeah I’m known to talk in films. 🙂

I’ve heard tell of sites where you can go swap red box codes too. Use one when you need and post one when you don’t, sort of thing.  I haven’t figured out how they work when I looked into it, so if any of you do please let us know in the comments!

Also don’t forget to look at what’s free on Hulu right now too. I know that Kate and Leopold, Charade (love, love, love this movie! Carey Grant and Audrey Hepburn are hilarious, ok and there’s a suspenseful mystery too),  Hilander and Hilander 2 is on it for free right now.  I know there’s a ton of different ways to get free movies coming into our homes now (notice I didn’t mention Crackle or you tube)?  These are just the ones I’m focusing on today. Happy Friday everyone!


What’s your favorite ways to get movies on a bargain?