Hay! That’s Fun!

Hay-thats-fun-rebrand-biggerWell I’ve had to take a break from the ‘Living on $13,000 or Less’ series for a bit. My struggles with editing have resurfaced and since those posts are so technical I’m holding off on therm for a little while. Add to that my memory card decided to become unreadable, causing me to lose all the pictures on my phone *sniff sniff. Including some I intended to use on the second half of the series.

It’s been a really hard day over here.

So to help bounce back, here’s an idea that is not only fun and cheap, but it has the first pictures I captured on my new memory card. 🙂

Go to a pumpkin patch.

I know this isn’t always a frugal option. Now that we’re in Utah, most people talk about going to Cornbelly’s, which costs 7 bucks a pop! Not cheap! But with a little Google mojo I was able to find a pumpkin patch called Jaker’s. It’s in a small town and quite a drive for us but aside from the pumpkins for sale everything is free!

So this last Saturday we packed everyone up and set out for a morning of fun. Once we got there, our kid’s couldn’t wait to get out of the car. Jaker’s had a petting zoo with different kinds of pigs, goats, and a donkey. There was even a 700 lb. pig there-no I’m not exaggerating!


Sunny was especially excited; she just kept running back and forth trying to figure out which animal to go to first. To be honest, I didn’t really let her touch any of the animals. I was a little leery of how the animals would react and I’m a bit OCD…so the idea of all that dirt wasn’t flyin’. Both our kids still loved it, just watching the little pigs run back and forth kept them giggling for minutes on end.

Once we finally got away from the pigs, we found there were also some pretty fun mazes built out of hay bales. We first tried a simple one made out of huge hay bales with walls at least 10 feet high. Sir Bounce-a-lot loved this one. He loves to find little crooks and crannies to hide in. Add to that his being able to run away from mommy and daddy to ‘hide’ from us-he was in toddler heaven.

There was also a more complicated one with short walls-which I loved-parents could see where their kids were and help them as needed. That was Sunny’s favorite, she figured out mommy didn’t want to actually go in so she’d constantly run away from me into that thing. Oh well…it got a ton of energy out of her, right?

Sir bounce-a-lot adored the corn pit. It was like a huge sandbox where the outer ring was made of hay bales and instead of sand it was filled in with corn, tons and tons of corn. I also liked how much easier it was to get corn out of our shoes instead of the traditional sand. Sunny and Sir Bounce-a-lot loved to run, dive, and just sit in it letting the corn constantly run through their fingers.


Behind the corn was a haunted tunnel which wasn’t too scary. Since we came for the little ones, not so scary was great. The tunnel was fairly well lit and had a lot of detail to look at. The hubster and I may have had a lot of fun pretending to be scared and Sunny may have thought we were pretty silly.

If all that wasn’t enough, the tunnel also had tubular slides going down the back. They even had a slower slide for the really young kids and steeper for the older. It was all we could do to pull the kids away from that. We probably could have killed another hour just on the slides.

Then of course at the end we all went over and picked out our pumpkins. I thought Sunny would take forever going through all the options, but nope. That girly just walked right on up, pointed to one of the first ones she saw and headed for the car. She meant business!

It was a great time, and we didn’t spend more than $5 on it-which was for the pumpkins. So I definitely recommend you check out your area on Google and see if there aren’t any hidden gems for you to explore. If we could find a fun filled pumpkin patch for free in our area I bet there’s something out in your neck of the woods as well!

Let us know what you find!