Happening to life


Despite our familial backgrounds, our monetary situation, our physical condition, or any number of other obstacles we face in our lives, it is ultimately what we do that matters.  Not what happens to us.  It is how we react to a situation that makes all the difference not whether that situation happened or not.  If we can’t change something we shouldn’t waste our time and energy brooding on it (this took me a loooooong time to learn).  Believe me as a mom of young children I know how important emotional and mental capacity is we need all we can get!  It is a real power in this world and in some ways the only power.

We are the masters of our fate

I’ve heard too often that ‘it takes money to make money’.  I find this so incredibly false its ridiculous!  It takes passion and hard work!  Sure money helps but it is not the only way and many times is the least effective and efficient way to make life better. There are too many stories of rags to riches and vice versa showing money isn’t the main variable in this math puzzle we call life.

The difference is always the person not the circumstances. While there are some circumstances that do help, if you’re in them great! If you aren’t, brooding over it won’t change it so lets just not worry about it.  I happened to marry a graduate of a university music dance theater program. He had no money, no job, and a lot of debt.  But I knew from the caliber of man he was, his sense of integrity, love of people, and ability to see the positive that he would always pull us through no matter the monetary circumstances. You know what? Actor and all, he has.


Oh the places you’ll go!

I would like to be another voice, instead of telling you that you can’t I’m going to yell from the top of my cyber voice that YOU CAN! You can be what ever you want! You may not be there today or tomorrow or even next year, but as long as you have a passion for it and keep moving forward you will succeed.

Sometimes the dream will change midstream and that’s ok, the point is to dream in the first place and try. If you feel like you need a pick me up on this subject please read Dr. Suess’s ‘Oh The Places You’ll Go”.  This is seriously one of my favorite books and it always makes me feel better.


What kind of race are you in?

This life is one long marathon.  There are many mile posts but only ONE finish line.  The purpose isn’t to be the one crossing that line first but to become the kind of person who can cross it with pride. Our creator gave us a mind and body for a reason, we are here to learn how to use them.  When we finish high school we are not done learning, nor when we finish college.

This life is a college.  If you aren’t where you want to be go research.  With the advent of google it is much easier to find answers to our questions.  Many times I will look for 20 sources of information on a subject (that don’t plagarize from Wikipedia) so I know I’m getting a well rounded picture to help me hone in on my subject. It does take time, but invariably when I turn to researching the information saves me a lot of pain and time in the long run.

Feel the pain and love the burn

With the upcoming election this November there is a lot of talk of big business, while I don’t care to get into the politics of it here, I do want to point out that sitting in your armchair grouching about how someone else has all the money isn’t going to springboard you higher on the corporate ladder. Doing, not complaining, gets you somewhere.

During that first year of graduate school and we had less than $13,000 for our small family to live on I got up and found answers on line.  The biggest gem being Crystal Paine’s frugal website moneysavingmom.com. My griping (and believe me there certainly was some :)) wasn’t what got us through. I did everything in my power to find coupons, deals, freebies to help our meager funds. Even after everything I did it wasn’t enough, with the grace of god, some friends, family, and neighbors pitching in we barely made it.

Would it have been easier to have done it with government aid? Sure, but I would never have learned and grown the way I did.  It was a painful time but I’m incredibly grateful, I’m a better and stronger person for it and I treasure my family relationships so much more than I did.

If I took what life gave me and just sat back, I wouldn’t be here! So I’m turning around to you my readers and asking you to join me in this forage into creativity. That’s what I see this as, a chance to put our muscles of creativity to the challenge.  To open our minds, search for answers, find better ways to do things. Instead of allowing life to happen lets grab it by the horns and go on the most exciting ride of our lives!  Lets look for the opportunity in our lives to learn and grown and embrace it! Believe me its more fun than comparing our backstage selves to anothers’ highlight reel.  Forget the inhibitions society places on us, our family places on us, we place on ourselves and start fresh and new!  We have a new day to try again so lets take full advantage!


Who do you want to become?


Update: When I originally wrote this post I stated our annual income as $20,000 a year. That was just a guestimate on my part to have a conservative number until I actually looked at our records. After going through the numbers I found we actually lived on less than $13,000 a year. I apologize for any confusion this discrepancy may have caused.