Go With the Flow


It’s near the end of summer here and with the Utah heat the kiddles have definitely come to love water…a lot! Sunny is constantly asking if we can pull out the sprinkler and Sir Bounce-a-lot sneaks into the bathroom as often as possible. I’ve begun to think I have Labrador puppies masquerading as my children!

Recently we decided to head to one of our favorite parks mid-morning before it got too hot outside. We semi-made it. Our first 20 minutes at the park were pleasant. We fully enjoyed running a muck on the big toy and racing to the swings at the other end of the park.

Despite our sunblock I could feel the heat was going from pleasantly warm to ‘boil me like a lobster’ at a rapid rate. As I brought my children over to the shade-presumably to drink from their sippy cups- Sunny realized (much sooner than me of course) there was  a drinking fountain right by us.

So of course she concluded it was her own private sprinker. As she pushed the button I started to groan in my head. How were we going to get home now? Dealinng with 2 kicking screaming children on the way home sounded pretty much impossible, I don’t know if I could physically handle it!

Of course as soon as the water starts cascading down Sir Bounce-a-lot had to join in. That little man is a major aquaphile, and is he STRONG! I mean seriously, he might appear to be a 30+ pound toddler, but when he arches his back meet the world’s greatest kamikaze dive artist weighing in at 60+ pounds.

While I’m considering the options here and listening to my OCD voice of what a mess this is all gonna be, ‘There’s definitely some dirt nearby just asking to become mud if they get too close’, when a new thought came into my mind. ‘Who cares? It’s hot right? If they’re wet on the way home they’ll be cooler and definitely not too cold in this weather. That dirty path is a good 5 feet away. What’s to lose?’

So I loosened up for  a few minutes, encouraged my kids to take turns, took pictures, and treasured sweet smiles and giggles. After several delightful hugs from Sir Bounce-a-lot and we were all soaked I gave a 2 minute warning while creating an alarm on my phone. When it was time to go Sunny was skipping, Sir snuggled happily into his stroller, and I was a less stressed momma. We enjoyed a few sweet moments and a pleasantly cool walk home. I learned that sometimes the messes are worth it, I should curb my ‘no’ usage and just go with the flow.


Today I challenge you to allow yourself to do something you normally wouldn’t because it would cause more work for you. Then report back here and let us know how it went!