Gettin’ A Social Launch

bloglovinThis last week I officially launched this site!  Woot!

After a lot of work and behind the scenes polishing we’re finally letting family and friends to know where to find us on cyber space. So that means it’s time to put our toes into the social world. We’ve been on Pinterest for a while and last week the hubster got us up on Facebook. Today I’m taking the next step with Bloglovin’.

I went to a fantastic blog conference this last week end and it was a blast! The main point is to make new friends-who wouldn’t want that? With all the new people to meet came a lot, and I mean a lot of new blogs to follow. I had to find a way to organize and read them all in one spot.

After some research I decided to use Bloglovin’ as my reader, so if any of you use Bloglovin’ as your reader be sure to come check us out and add Somethin Outta Nothin to your Blogroll. Let us know how to follow you as well!

Let the marathon reading begin!

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