Dishin’ up some fun



The most important room in my house is the kitchen. I spend a lot of time in there as it is my workspace for cooking, cleaning and where I undertake crafting projects. As such it is also the room in the house to do a lot of things with my kids.

Today our families fun activity is in the kitchen, we’re making dessert! Sunny loves to help me, especially when it involves being in the kitchen making yummy goodness.

I’m planning on doing our families recipe of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, although if we run out of time we’ll settle for a pan of brownies.

I’ve heard a lot of women complain about how mundane and boring housework is, and I think they’re right, it is boring. I think there’s a reason for it though.  The point isn’t the chore, although it does need doing, the point is to do them WITH someone.

Have you ever notice how much faster a task seems to go when working with someone else? These little jobs around the house gives us an activity to do while building relationships with those we love.

So I look for ways to incorporate Sunny and Curly into my everyday chores. Yes it’ll be easier in the long run when they start to help (on their own) around the house, but mostly its the best way to connect with them and make them feel loved.


What’s you favorite dish to make with a loved one?