The purpose and passion behind SomethinOuttaNothin is to help you become proactive in finding solutions for the limitations (financial or otherwise) that arise in life. I do this by sharing ideas, encouragement, tutorials, recipes, personal stories, patterns, and my art to help inspire creativity on the home front.

While my first priority is to reach out and help others, I believe it is perfectly acceptable for my time and effort expended on this blog (as well as any products I’ve created and posted on SomethinOuttaNothin.com) to be rewarded through financial means. I have a number of costs associated with product creation and the running of this blog –server space, software, printing, tech help, and more. So I accept paid advertising on my blog’s side bar, use affiliate links on posts when they are available, and I offer some of my more labor intensive projects for purchase (as opposed to many offered for free).

However, I work hard to be a person of integrity and authenticity; I value my readers trust far more than any sum of money. As such the opinions and views shared on this blog are solely my own. I’ve set up guidelines to ensure that it remains so. When creating content my first screening question is ‘How valuable is this for my readers?’. If it’s not I won’t publish the post – period. No dollar amount will persuade me otherwise. As part of this I will not accept sponsored posts or charge for giveaways. When I host a giveaway I only work with companies and products I truly believe will appeal to my readers. There’s nothing in it for me except the satisfaction of rewarding the amazing people who stop in and enjoy my blog.