How to Make Witch Hat Fascinators (Free Pattern!)


First off, aren’t these just darling? They’re perfect for children, dolls, or as a fascinator for the rest of us. I never realized what a push over I was for fascinators (mini hats) until I started making these up for Sunny’s mad hatter parties. I have my heart set on making myself a steam punk fascinator some time. Wouldn’t that just be fun!?

In the meantime I’m gonna have to settle for these cute witch hats. I really enjoy making them, not only are they easy but they’re inexpensive too. I can get 3 hats out of 2 crafting felt squares (I wait for sales to get them for $0.25 a sheet). That makes each hat base roughly $0.17 each! (more…)

Special Diets Don’t Cure Autism-But We’re Doing One Anyway


We’ve run the gauntlet on diet and nutrition at our house. From low glycemic, candida, vegetarian, sugar free, gluten free, casein free-there’s been a lot of frees…

And you know what? Most of that didn’t help.

It all started 3 years ago with my fuzzy brain, chronic fatigue, a never ending headache (6 mo. +), and nausea hitting by 5:00 every night. After giving up on my Dr. and turning to google, I eventually found my way to good health. Man that was a good 2 months! Having clawed my way uphill I thought I’d never let go of my new way of life.


Then I found out my son had autism…

I let my good habits slip…

and I spiraled down, down, down. (more…)

Spa Date at Home–A Simple, Frugal and Meaningful Valentine’s

Need an inexpensive last minute valentine's date? Try making a spa in your own home. It's simple while also staying out of the crowded restaurants. Releasing stress will help you and your loved one emotionally bond on a whole new level. Try it out!I have to admit that Valentine’s day isn’t a big deal at our house. It felt weird to me that there was a day where all the girls expected their boyfriends to buy them stuff. It just felt so fake, a feeling I never wanted to allow in my relationships. Turns out the hubster felt the same, he wouldn’t even let me call him my boyfriend at first because he didn’t like what that meant in High School.

Direct quote: ‘They acted like they were married!

So the hubster and I normally don’t  buy any cards, flowers, or chocolates. Instead we plan simple at home dates-and we love it.

Being at home away from the crowd, also allows us to leave that Junior High feeling behind, and be more genuine. One of our favorite Valentines (more…)

Creativity Transforms Limitations into Opportunities (Part 1)

How to transform a limitation into an opportunity. This is best way to use creativity in our everyday lives.

Is there some evil time stealing goblin hiding out in our crawl space? Or a dollar guzzling ghoul up in the attic?

When school got out this last summer I was celebrating my break from taxi driving- 2hours back in my day guys-2 hours! I loved being home, with no plans, and enjoying my little ones. Yet, I still couldn’t get near enough done in my day. In fact, I was getting less done, than when I was driving everyone around for school. What was wrong with me?

I mean who doesn’t wish they had more time or money? Apparently I could use a double dose of each. Buuuuut…what if limited resources are what drive us to be better? (more…)