Broccoli Salad

Broccoli Salad, a nutrient packed bowl of flavor! It's harty, crunchy, sweet and tangy all at once. It's the best way to eat broccoli-hands down!

Well Father’s day has come and gone but it left some lovely left overs in our house…bacon! So I decided to take advantage and make Broccoli Salad. This has become one of my favorite dishes, but we haven’t had it in years as bacon and almonds are not staples in our house. I just love how the hearty crunch of broccoli is complimented with salty bacon, and the sweet tang of the cider dressing. Mmmm. I was introduced to this dish from a food prep course in college. (more…)

Bakin’ The Bacon!

The easiest and cleanest way to cook bacon. No more oil spitting at you, or curled up and burned peices!

Any one make a special breakfast for the man in their life this last Father’s day? The hubster never lets me cook him breakfast (he prefers protein shakes with his work out), so I jump at the chance on Father’s day. This year I had to shoo him back to bed (more…)

Meatless Crockpot Chilli: Mexican Style!

Today’s post is an example of how a spirit of adventure can lead to awesome things in your life.

My family isn’t vegetarian in the slightest, so I was wary of going meatless at all. But during grad school our budget was getting smaller and smaller, and meat was costing more and more. So I finally bit the bullet and started looking for meatless dishes. I was very lucky to have happened upon this Chilli recipe.

Before I made this recipe the hubster always complained-nicely-that he was still hungry after our meatless meals. This one he said he didn’t even miss the meat and felt very satisfied afterward. Yay! I enjoy it and so does the Hubster. As my first attempt at a meatless meal it was a total success! (more…)

Pico de gaillo or salsa

Sometimes you just need home made salsa. Pico de gaillo | Somethin Outta Nothin

While in scrimp mode I never buy anything ‘extra’.  For us that means no cream cheese, no sour cream, basically no condiments including salsa-which caused the hubster much despair.  (more…)