Kettle Corn-Almost Low Glycemic

Kettle Corn in 10 minutes! Not only is this snack fast and easy, but you'd never know from the taste that it's almost low glycemic.

Oh shoot! The party is today?

Criminy, that means I need to fit making a dessert into the schedule. What can I make in 15 minutes or less…

Sadly, I’ve had this exact conversation in my head far too many times this year. Between parties, neighborhood gatherings, church treats, and holidays the sweet tooth train never stops.

Fortunately, I’ve developed an awesome kettle corn recipe. It’s fast, easy, uses *common ingredients, and mostly fits our low glycemic diet. (more…)

Delectable Crockpot Chicken + Bone Broth!


Imagine you had to go on a diet that cut out all grains, all dairy, and all sugar (at least the processed stuff). Imagine the grocery bill…
Imagine the time spent in the kitchen…
Imagine the taste…

What if I told you, I not only created a recipe on that diet, but is also: frugal, easy, uses normal pantry items, requires 20 minutes prep, and tastes amazing? (more…)

End of the Month Tacos

End of the month tacos, the perfect meal when you have more month than money left.
Hey you know what? It’s almost the end of tax month! Huzzah! We may or may not have had to actually pay this year. 🙁  It was definitely time to step up my frugal game. Going back through my notes on grad school for the Living on $13,000 or Less series was a good reminder that I needed, bringing up forgotten habits and recipes. If any of you got bitten by the tax bug I’ve got the meal for you. (more…)

Make Eggs Enjoyable: for the non-egg lover

How to make eggs enjoyable: for the non egg lover. If your children (or you) like to color the eggs more than eating them try some of these tips. Some good ideas on making eating the eggs a fun part of the Easter tradition too.

So who’s excited to eat all those hard boiled eggs this weekend? Is that cricket’s I hear? Yeah, me neither. Eggs might have gone to waste a few times over here *ahem *. That bugs me, waste really bothers me. So I’ve come up with some tricks to make Easter egg eating more enjoyable. (more…)

Stuff My Face With Chocolate Blizzard

This stuff is addicting! A fantastic salty but sweet movie snack--that's as nutty as Olaf's humor. Stuff my face with chocolate blizzard |

I finally saw Frozen this week. Yay! Kinda needed too since I’m throwing a Frozen themed party next week. 🙂

The plan is to do a themed dinner and then watch the film. And what would go better than some snowflakes (a.k.a. popcorn) to munch on? Then I got to thinking that we really needed to find a way to ‘stuff our faces with chocolate’. But I didn’t want this to turn into a 3 course eat-a-thon either.

So lightning flashed and thunder rolled (in my brain of course) why not combine the chocolate with the snowflakes? Done deal. A chocolate twist on the movie snack classic.

This is what I finally came up with. (more…)