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Hay! That’s Fun!

Well I’ve had to take a break from the ‘Living on $13,000 or Less’ series for a bit. My struggles with editing have resurfaced and since those posts are so technical I’m holding off on therm for a little while. Add to that my memory card decided to become unreadable, causing me to lose all […]

Go With the Flow

It’s near the end of summer here and with the Utah heat the kiddles have definitely come to love water…a lot! Sunny is constantly asking if we can pull out the sprinkler and Sir Bounce-a-lot sneaks into the bathroom as often as possible. I’ve begun to think I have Labrador puppies masquerading as my children!

Let’s box it

So today our Friday fun event isn’t so frugal.  I’m surprising the Hubster and taking him to see The Avengers.  I know, I know, we’re way behind the times on this one, but with the recent move we didn’t have the capacity (or any local babysitters) to do it. In all honesty we still wouldn’t […]

Marshmallow Mayhem

  Want a game that engages kids of all ages, creates memories (not to mention giggles), cleans your house, gets the energy out of the kiddos, and costs only a few bucks? It just so happens that I grew up playing just such a game. My dad invented what we call, Marshmallow Mayhem. I loved […]