Bakin’ The Bacon!

The easiest and cleanest way to cook bacon. No more oil spitting at you, or curled up and burned peices!

Any one make a special breakfast for the man in their life this last Father’s day? The hubster never lets me cook him breakfast (he prefers protein shakes with his work out), so I jump at the chance on Father’s day. This year I had to shoo him back to bed, silly man! Shouldn’t he know better than to get up early on a holiday meant for him?

I made him bacon and eggs. MmmmHhmmm. We don’t often have bacon at our house, it’s a lucky year if we have it 3 times. Most men I know can’t resist the stuff. As much as I love it, I have to admit growing up I hated cooking bacon. All that hot oil spitting and sputtering at you, and if you didn’t turn it at the right time it would curl funny or get burnt. Completely thankless job in my opinion.

Luckily I went to college to fix my attitude towards cooking bacon…ok maybe not, but it was a nice side effect. 🙂 One of the best things about earning my degree in Home and Family Living is learning all the little tips and tricks for the home (with that title who’d have thunk, right?). This is one I gleaned from my food prep class, how to bake bacon.  Let’s say that ten times fast! Bakin’ the bacon, bakin’ the bacon, bakin’ the bacon…yeah I used to do choir warm ups. 🙂

Back to  the food item at hand. All the things I detest about cooking it go away when you bake your bacon. It’ll come out crisp and straight and clean up is a snap! There’s no turning involved (and thus no baby sitting a spitting pan of oil)! Did I mention clean up is almost non-existent?

So here’s what you do. Find a baking sheet with raised sides, then cover it with foil (not needed but it helps with clean up). You may need to do the heavy duty kind to cover the whole width of the pan. Just doubling the regular foil will still let the bacon fat through, but folding a seam into 2 pieces does the trick. When I tried folding a seam into it, folding over 3 times, the grease still made it through. When I did 4 folds it came out clean as can be so that may be the magic number.

The easiest and cleanest way to cook bacon. No more oil spitting at you, or curled up and burned peices!

My half sheet Jelly roll pan will only hold 7 slices of bacon (I only had half a package left when I baked the batch in the picture), so if you want to cook more you may need to have a second sheet on hand to fill with this delightfully salty goodness. Once you have the bacon arranged on your un-greased baking sheets so they [the bacon strips] don’t over lap, place it in the oven. Then turn the oven on to 400°. Check the bacon at 17 minutes and guage if it needs more time. Depending on your oven and how long it takes to heat up to optimum temperature it can be done any where from 17-20 minutes, if you have thick sliced it can take up to 25 minutes.

When your bacon has reached the desired crispness, take out and transfer bacon to a plate with paper towels and dab off any extra grease. Now it is ready to add to mini-meatballs, broccoli salad, or eat plain. If you care to extend the bacon flavor in your life (and lets face it who doesn’t?) pour the bacon grease out of the pan into a heat safe bowl. From there you can use it to grease your pan when making eggs or store it for later.


What food do you dislike handling or cooking?