The Most Frugal Man I Know: Lessons We Can Learn From Him


Understanding how to turn a limitation into an opportunity is invaluable. A close second is finding examples of people using their obstacles to fuel their success. So I’ve started to search for these opportunists and glean what knowledge I can. Inspiring stories help us relate and see that we can do anything!

With that in mind, I want to introduce you all to an amazing man in my life. A self-built farm boy, who became a high school teacher from his college studies and a professional craftsman out of desperation and need. A man who’s built, 3 of his family’s homes and grown much of the food they ate. He taught his four sons, and his grandchildren; the importance of work, studying out solutions, the importance of tools and learning new skills. He’s the best example I have of turning a limitation into an opportunity, and was very free with the lessons he learned in doing so.

Meet Reed,

Or as I call him… (more…)

Kickin’ the Brain Fog, My Mental Health Story

Dealing with candida overgrowth helped this woman understand her autistic son better.

Dear body,

I understand your frustration, you feel abused, over used and under-appreciated. You feel there’s been too much trauma in your life, I get that, really. May I remind you, there’s been a lot of good times too?

Like that decade we were a major athlete—training for 3 hours or more on a daily basis.

Or that 30+ years of making fresh, homemade, real meals.

Or hey, how about that that time we abstained from alcohol, cigarettes, and illegal substances? Oh yeah, that’s been




My only offense has been an over-indulgence in stress. I’ve tried to make up for it—turning to professional help and researching like crazy. Hey, I’ve completely changed our lifestyle for you!

So basically I’m saying, ‘Get over yourself!’

There’s been far more good than bad—you just need to focus on the good. I can only do so much dragging your moping but around. So quit hurting. You’ve whined long enough, missy. I’m still taking care of you, so get up and get to work.

Tough love,

The management


Health has taken center stage at our house-in a big way.

It’s almost impossible to be creative when your body is using all it has to combat bad health.

I know from experience.

I’ve been struggling (more…)

Spa Date at Home–A Simple, Frugal and Meaningful Valentine’s

Need an inexpensive last minute valentine's date? Try making a spa in your own home. It's simple while also staying out of the crowded restaurants. Releasing stress will help you and your loved one emotionally bond on a whole new level. Try it out!I have to admit that Valentine’s day isn’t a big deal at our house. It felt weird to me that there was a day where all the girls expected their boyfriends to buy them stuff. It just felt so fake, a feeling I never wanted to allow in my relationships. Turns out the hubster felt the same, he wouldn’t even let me call him my boyfriend at first because he didn’t like what that meant in High School.

Direct quote: ‘They acted like they were married!

So the hubster and I normally don’t  buy any cards, flowers, or chocolates. Instead we plan simple at home dates-and we love it.

Being at home away from the crowd, also allows us to leave that Junior High feeling behind, and be more genuine. One of our favorite Valentines (more…)

I believe

The benefits of inviting Santa to your Christmas celebration, for those who question if Santa should be around any more.

Today my heart is very full. It may be a new year but, I want to share some of our Christmas joy because we’re still feeling residual effects from our Christmas break. I’m feeling very blessed, to a depth I’ve not felt in a long, long, time. (more…)