Creativity Transforms Limitations into Opportunities (Part 1)

Transforming limitations into opportunites

Is there some evil time stealing goblin hiding out in our crawl space? Or a dollar guzzling ghoul up in the attic?

When school got out this last summer I was celebrating my break from taxi driving- 2hours back in my day guys-2 hours! I loved being home, with no plans, and enjoying my little ones. Yet, I still couldn’t get near enough done in my day. In fact, I was getting less done, than when I was driving everyone around for school. What was wrong with me?

I mean who doesn’t wish they had more time or money? Apparently I could use a double dose of each. Buuuuut…what if limited resources are what drive us to be better? (more…)

Living on $13,000 or Less: Work Hard Play Hard

The Cheap Date list: Compiled from a year that this family lived on less than $13,000-including rent.

How our family lived on $13,000 during graduate school-without food stamps, medicare, or subsidized housing.

This is part 16 of the Living on $13,000 or Less series. Click through if you missed earlier posts.


I learned early in my marriage that the best way to start a new habit was to bribe myself. Yup, I totally bribed myself left and right. I needed to start doing dishes more often-by hand I might add. So I got ice cream if I stayed on top of it the whole week. I had to do 5 loads of laundry at the laundromat? Cookies were my game.

I was a reeeeaaaaallly great housekeeper at the beginning of our marriage-ah hem ah hem. But I’ve come a long way. It wasn’t always food, those were the cheap ones we could afford at that time. Having something fun really motivates me.

Just like those new habits, chronic frugal living can totally burn you out. It takes a lot of time, effort, and discipline to do it. So you need to throw some fun in there and if you’re like me, some bribes.

I do need to add in here that fun is not an extra thing, it is not a waste of time to fit in when convenient. It is a necessity! Our brains, bodies, and spirits need some down time in our days and weeks. If we go, go, go, we’ll eventually break, break, break. It’s counter intuitive but relaxation is a crucial part of productivity.


So here’s our productivity enhancer list—A.K.A. Our Cheap Date List (more…)

The Two Words that Broke My Heart

I don’t even know what to write, where to start. Life has been so overwhelming this summer. The phone calls, the blatant discrimination, the prayers, the unshed tears. I couldn’t cry—crying just makes it real. The researching, the waiting, finally seeing doctors—the bills. All to start the cycle of phone calls again.

I’ve tried over and over to broach this subject and I haven’t been able to. But today my heart is so heavy, I just have to write my emotions out. So please humor me, as I step out of my creative/inspiration mode. Today I’m writing for me. (more…)