Kettle Corn-Almost Low Glycemic

Kettle Corn in 10 minutes! Not only is this snack fast and easy, but you'd never know from the taste that it's almost low glycemic.

Oh shoot! The party is today?

Criminy, that means I need to fit making a dessert into the schedule. What can I make in 15 minutes or less…

Sadly, I’ve had this exact conversation in my head far too many times this year. Between parties, neighborhood gatherings, church treats, and holidays the sweet tooth train never stops.

Fortunately, I’ve developed an awesome kettle corn recipe. It’s fast, easy, uses *common ingredients, and mostly fits our low glycemic diet. (more…)

How to Make Witch Hat Fascinators (Free Pattern!)


First off, aren’t these just darling? They’re perfect for children, dolls, or as a fascinator for the rest of us. I never realized what a push over I was for fascinators (mini hats) until I started making these up for Sunny’s mad hatter parties. I have my heart set on making myself a steam punk fascinator some time. Wouldn’t that just be fun!?

In the meantime I’m gonna have to settle for these cute witch hats. I really enjoy making them, not only are they easy but they’re inexpensive too. I can get 3 hats out of 2 crafting felt squares (I wait for sales to get them for $0.25 a sheet). That makes each hat base roughly $0.17 each! (more…)

Delectable Crockpot Chicken + Bone Broth!


Imagine you had to go on a diet that cut out all grains, all dairy, and all sugar (at least the processed stuff). Imagine the grocery bill…
Imagine the time spent in the kitchen…
Imagine the taste…

What if I told you, I not only created a recipe on that diet, but is also: frugal, easy, uses normal pantry items, requires 20 minutes prep, and tastes amazing? (more…)

When Life Gets Hard

We all have struggles, major ones where we no longer know where to turn or how to act. What do we do when life gets hard?

Today, I’m writing about things that are deeply personal in nature. It scares the crap out of me, but I feel that I need to share this experience. I ask that if you choose to comment please do so respectfully.


Health has become a huge issue at our house over recent years, I touched on some of it with my kicking the brain fog. It all started 5 years ago when the hubster came to me and told me he felt the need to go back for a graduate degree. I was all over that. I knew his goal was to own a theater someday (he’s a music dance theater grad) so I knew this would really help him.

I wrote most of that story in my living on $13,000 or less series, what I left out (more…)

Teal Pumpkin Project: 15 Frugal Alternatives to Candy

Did you know 1 in 13 children face food allergies? That can make Halloween truly scary for millions of families. Here are 15 frugal alternatives to candy to help make Halloween fun for everyone.

Well, we are coming to the hardest part of the year for my family. The season of joy, filled with parties, crafting, candy, pie, fudge, peppermint ice cream, buck eyes, shortbread, toffee, and gingerbread, all sprinkled with more sugar.

What’s not to love right? That all sounds fabulous!

It is also temptation and hidden dangers for many kiddos, especially those with allergies. Try going trick or treating or hosting a party with someone who can’t have peanuts-its eye opening! Almost everything either has peanuts or is made on the same equipment as peanut filled candy. These poor little guys are getting left out!

While my family isn’t dealing with food allergies, we do have restrictions concerning sugar. Since we’re on a low glycemic & non-dairy diet, store bought candy is pretty much out of the picture. Which means trick or treating is too.

Or is it? (more…)